The story begins in 1970 when Vito Del Ponte the youngest of ten came to the United States.  With only his suitcase in one hand and his wife Beatrice in the other, they made the decision to start a new life in Brooklyn, NY.  Vito went to work at his older brothers bakery that was located in Brooklyn, known as Del Ponte's Bakery. He started out washing dishes and getting to know the English language.  While working in the bakery he started practice his baking and cooking recipes that he alone had from Italy.  

In 1976 Vito and his brother Dominic opened their first bakery on Avenue U Brooklyn.  The bakery was known as "Two brothers bakery".  After three years working together, Vito decided to open his own bakery.  

On October 10, 1980 Vito and Beatrice opened up "Vito's Bakery" also located on avenue U Brooklyn.  Vito continued to help his brother Dominic at "Two brothers bakery" until Dominic was ready to take the store over.   "Two brothers bakery" then Became "T & D Bakery".  


"Vito's Bakery" expanded its menu from bakery goods to a large selection of homemade mozzarella, homemade cavetelli, homemade sauce, homemade ravioli, homemade turkey (aka Vito’s turkey), homemade roast beef and among other homemade cooking dishes for the take-outs.  The store also contains a large selection of Boar's head meats.  Vito made sure that he had a large selection for the community then and now.  


Vito and Beatrice installed the same work ethic and dedication in their children. Their Daughter Sylvianne stands side by side her Father and Mother, aiding and continuing the old traditions for the future generations to come. However, Sylivanne as well provides the community with the new creations and ideas..  


In conclusion, Vito, and Beatrice have come a long way to establish this bakery to exceed the demands of our community.  They will continue to make the selection larger with the communities’ appetite and ideas.